Lost Legacy

by D K Henderson

A beautiful young woman is entombed alive as a sacrifice to angry gods…

A young priest embarks upon a desperate flight across a hostile landscape deep in the heart of Atlantis…

In the possession of each, a sacred crystal skull.
Over 250,000 years ago, 13 crystal skulls were brought to Earth from the distant star systems of our galaxy. Their purpose? To watch over the evolution of human consciousness. Today they lie hidden and forgotten, scattered across our world. Waiting for the time when they will be brought together again to lead humankind into a new golden age.

2012; England. With her life falling to pieces around her, Gemma Mason’s sleep is increasingly disturbed by vivid dreams of crystal skulls, extra-terrestrial beings and the ancient temples of Atlantis. She has been chosen to share a secret that has repercussions for the whole of humankind.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends