Lost and Bound

by E. K. Hall

Balthazar’s attempts to become a masterful magician aren’t going well. So with every troublesome conjuring ending in disappointment or disaster, he resorts to kidnapping a princess for ransom. But when his efforts to defend his prize accidentally summon a dangerous succubus, his struggle to undo the chaos only entwines his fate with an aged knight and the uppity royal.

As Balthazar finds himself permanently roped to two disgruntled companions, the hapless trio is forced to traverse the realm in search of a cure. And confronted by each other’s misfortune as they battle daring trials and fearsome enemies, survival will depend on the tortuous triangle becoming a single pillar of strength…

Transport yourself along with a cast of subversive characters as they navigate the unexpected depth of themselves, each other, and a unique world.

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic