London Falling

by Hadwin Fuller


Nathan never amounted to much.

Divorced. Broke. Unemployed. He’d seen it all. He was a loser – and always would be.

Until a planet-wide invasion wiped out 99.9% of humanity.

With the world turned on its head, Nathan finds himself leading an underground community of survivors.

He’s admired. He’s respected. He’s (almost) happy.

But nothing lasts forever, and when fate calls Nathan to return to the surface, he soon discovers the whole invasion situation isn’t what he thought it was.

It’s worse. Much worse.

Humanity’s about to discover that when it comes to invasions in this galaxy, there are no survivors.

And the only one who can do a damn thing about it is a one-time divorced, broke, unemployed loser.

It’s about time Nathan showed the world – and the rest of the galaxy – just what he’s made of.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion