by Philip Coleman

Two dying worlds.
A machine of infinite power.
Five keys, scattered across distance and time.

Titans roam the earth: forces of nature from an overlapping dimension. They arrive, destroy, and disappear once more. And as the twin worlds of nearplane and otherplane align, the barrier between realities could be shattered for good.

For Cinq LeGarrec, a fatalistic young mage, the apocalypse is just the distraction he needs to break from his endless academic grind. He steals an ancient magical device—one which could be his last chance to uncover his forgotten past—and sets out into the hostile lands beyond the tower.

Soon Cinq and a growing party of companions are on a quest across dimensions to unravel the mystery of the device, their past lives, and the Titans themselves.

Enter a tale of sealed magic at the edge of the apocalypse. No kings, no knights, no gods—only survivors.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery