Location, Location, Damnation

by Nick Moseley

“Trev Irwin didn’t believe in ghosts, which made it something of a surprise when he saw one…”
At first glance Brackenford is a picturesque town in the English Midlands, but peek below the surface and things look different. Weird sightings. Unexplained disappearances. Historical anomalies.
Trev Irwin isn’t interested in all that. He’s got a nice job selling houses and just wants to earn enough commission to keep him in beer and pizza. He’s not looking for any weirdness, but unfortunately the weirdness has come looking for *him*.
Things start with a strange encounter in a local cafĂ© and before long Trev’s knee-deep in living shadows, anxious werewolves and irascible vampires… and that’s just the easy stuff. Brackenford has worse in store for him. Much worse.
He needs help; what he’s got is his Granddad, a Puritanical ghost, and the world’s most sarcastic cat.
Yep – he’s screwed..

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban