by Guillermo Stitch

“Will keep readers turning pages.” PUBLISHERS WEEKLY ”

A tour de force.” INTERZONE

“One of the cleverest stories I’ve read this year. It’s whip-smart, well-paced, deeply satirical and dappled with just enough dark and light to keep the reader riveted.” ANNE CUNNINGHAM (IRISH INDEPENDENT, INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY, IRISH TIMES AND SUNDAY TIMES)

“Amazing. A nomination for our Novel of the Year award. Captivating and timely, with a perfect bittersweet ending.” UNDERGROUND BOOK REVIEWS

“The best new work of speculative fiction I have read since the 20th Century…laced with enough scalpel-sharp wit and dark humour that you’ll never notice the satire sliding into your awareness until it’s too late to feel any real discomfort.” SFF CHRONICLES

“Brave New World meets 1984 in this Big Brother masterpiece.” KRISTI ELIZABETH, SAN FRANCISCO BOOK REVIEW

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian