Lingeria: Book One of One

by Daniel Kozuh

LINGERIA: A wondrous world of centaurs, goblins, elves, knights, bounty hunters, giant centipedes, four-armed Yetis, and one wizard. But there is a problem – Lingeria shouldn’t exist. It is the product of acclaimed, and depressed, author Norman Halliday’s imagination.

So, how did Norman come to be sleeping on the couch of one of his fictional characters? And why are Norman’s novels revered as Lingerian scripture? Also, why does all of Lingeria think Norman is God? Actually, who is this cruel wizard that seized power over the land? And what about that giant black cloud that sucks the life out of everything it passes over.

Okay, so there is more than one problem.

Joining Norman to untangle the mess that Lingeria has become is a lonely runt named Roe; Tahra, a moody mercenary; an anonymous goblin; and a blind librarian. This should be as easy as fighting a hairless sewer ape!

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery