by Kallen Samuels

In a high-tech antediluvian world, Leviticus and his fellow graduate students have developed technology that garners the unwanted attention of mysterious opposing factions.
To make matters worse, Leviticus is manifesting abilities that haven’t been seen in 1700 years. One ancient order wants to enslave him, the other says he’s the chosen one who will save the world. He’s both the harbinger of disaster and a potential answer to the world’s prayers. With time running out, Leviticus must harness his newfound abilities and determine what role they will play in the coming cataclysm.
“Character-rich and action-packed, this sci-fi adventure smartly balances prophecies, tech, and conflict. The stakes are consistently high, the cast compelling, and the story electrifying.” – booklife by Publishers Weekly, Editor’s Pick.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure