by D.G. MacRath

High on a hill crouches Mata Mac an Righ, Prince Regent to the Realm. Below him, hundreds of rebels huddle around campfires, cowering from the wicked winter winds. Little do they know that death is minutes away.

Mata’s charge is abrupt and brutal. He shatters the rebel army and sends their leader, the Duke of Mir, Boy Fraser, fleeing into the moors.

Even when the dead are burned and buried, Boy Fraser’s rebellion gnaws at him. One man, however foolish, doesn’t march against the Realm. Mata suspects treachery, betrayal, and corruption.

As more lords move against him, Mata wrestles to maintain an uneasy peace amongst his people. Will his choices maintain order or send the Realm spiraling towards yet more vicious bloodshed?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic