Lela Trilogy Complete Series Collection

by Tessonja Odette

To save a unicorn, Cora must face her past. To save a kingdom, she must fight for her future.

Evil threatens the land of Lela, and only one suspects the truth—Princess Cora. She speaks out but finds herself disowned and left for dead. Taken in by witches, she starts a new life learning to hone her magic. But when she discovers unicorns are being starved and mutilated, her past comes back to haunt her. She’ll have to face it…and a deadly foe.

The Lela Trilogy is a complete series collection. Follow Cora’s breathtaking adventure as she navigates a world of magic, romance, darkness, and betrayal. This fantasy boxset includes three full-length books: Shadows of Lela, Veil of Mist, and Shades of Prophecy.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic