Legends of Vandilor Trilogy

by Chad Odom

The mortal races of men and gelics are at peace. Their defenses have waned, and their watchful eyes have slumbered. All the while, Terihor-the true enemy-has laid his plans.

Princess Wravin watches helplessly as the home she thought she wanted to leave is destroyed. Her only hope is a ranger with a price on his head and a man claiming to be an immortal magic user called a Valor. Together, the Princess, Rasband, and Brayden do everything they can to stay alive and save what remains of her race from an enemy driven by dark magic and bent on conquest.

Kitch, an orphaned dwarf, watches his people are consumed by the forces of Terihor. After a narrow escape from the battle, he finds himself alone and trapped in the stronghold of the enemy. In the dungeons, he finds some unlikely allies and a crucial piece of information that could turn the tide of war-if only he can survive.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic