Legendary Dungeon Seed: The Mage’s Academy (Vol. 1)

by Marc Robert

Build a dungeon.
Bond with monster girls.
Learn dark magic.
Fight and defeat raiders.
Become … legendary.

Osman Spar is just a normal, everyday guy …
But when he gets trapped in a fantasy world, he reincarnates as a dungeon lord.

Now, with the powers of both a hulking warrior and a cunning mage at his command, Osman must build a dungeon academy in which to train monster girl adventurers. But to do that he needs to learn dark magic, summon powerful minions, and fight and defeat as many dungeon raiders as possible.

If he fails, his soul will be lost forever.

But if he succeeds … well, if he succeeds, he will become legendary.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery