Legacy of Bones: A Tale of Bone and Steel – One

by Kirk Dougal

The dragons vanished. The evil foe defeated. But sorcery and lore speak of resurrection… and the one with the gift to raise the dead.

Gera Staghorn is ready to begin the rest of his life. His apprenticeship completed, he journeys home to check on his siblings, the first time they have met since their parents’ tragic deaths. But their reunion is shattered when his sister is abducted for her magic, which some believe can resurrect a dark emperor.

Terrified he will lose another loved one, Gera and his alcohol-soaked brother set off in pursuit to rescue her. But they quickly become entangled in an ancient legend crafted from the skeletons of dragons. With the discovery of the sinister schemes underway, the young man fears he may be forced to reveal the growing power he has kept secret all these years.

Can he save his sister in time to prevent a terrible prophecy from coming true?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic