Learning to Fly Alien Spacecraft

by Fay Abernethy

“A fun must-read for fans of sci fi with heart”—Amazon UK review— What if the secret alien space station protecting the Earth went PUBLIC? An original and entertaining first contact adventure, featuring an orphaned heroine, an angry astronaut, aliens, homemade cake and the Red Dragon of Wales. —“Goes places you simply don’t expect”—Goodreads review— “Delightful”—Goodreads review— Captain Joe Llewellyn finally has permission to initiate first contact via the UN. But if he messes it up, the Galaksi Alliance could cancel the Shantivira’s funding, leaving the Earth defenceless. So, no pressure. All goes well until a rogue Samaritan flies a cargo ship through months of painstaking negotiations . . . “Quirky characters, twisty plots and great world building”—Goodreads review— “Totally recommend. Couldn’t stop reading it”—Goodreads review— “A fantastic sequel”—Amazon US review

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact