Leaning on Water

by Joan June Chen

A talented young pilot.
A mysterious Bionic.
A dark past that threatens the future…

LIVINTHEA PARK has the Mark of Dresden mutation, only she doesn’t know about it.

When a tragic accident exposes this hidden secret, her life as Galactic’s top pilot quickly unravels. The Bionics barge in and stake their claim, whisking her away from her beloved home to the otherworldly Atlas Station I.

Though these mysterious Bionics look human, with nanobots coursing through their veins, they are anything but just plain human… especially the one with the steel grey eyes.

Commissioned since the turn of the millennium with guarding the Erlion System against a dark menace, the Bionics take Livi on a cosmic journey where wonders abound, mysteries unfold, and a heroine rises.

*Winner of the 13th Annual National Indie Excellence Award in Science Fiction!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure