Le Cirque Navire

by Chele Cooke

To stop the future, Hadley Tack will have to give up her past.

Hadley wants a little magic in her life. Every day is the same on the backwater planet she calls home. Her brother, Captain Lachlan Tack, only enforces the drudgery of life under strict Coalition laws.

When an illegal circus ship arrives, Hadley convinces Lachlan to let her attend one thrilling night of unbelievable performances and decadent sideshows. He’s going, after all, even if it is to gather intelligence that will allow him to lead an arrest raid. It’s only one night.

But liquor isn’t the only illegal substance being shelled on the ship, and the circus’ Ringmaster will not let Hadley return to the quiet, respectable life her brother has worked so hard for. She has seen their future, and she can’t turn back now, even if it costs her everything she holds dear.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure