Law of the Heretic: Immortality Shattered Book I

by Christian Warren Freed

The time of peace is ending.

The Staff of Life has been lost for a thousand years. Imbued with the powers to dominate all life, the Staff can save or ruin the Free Lands. Many have sought out the Staff. All failed. Until now. Betraying his oath and bond, the Black Imelin sets out to find the lost Staff of Life. With it he will bring the Free Lands to their knees. The only thing standing in his path is a young Aron Kryte, a leader of promise and the unknowing heir to the future.

Filled with dangers, monsters, and creatures hidden for centuries, Immortality Shattered delivers the same intense action and character driven world building combined with his military experience that fans worldwide have come to enjoy. A small band of heroes assembles but success is far from guaranteed. Life and death hang in the balance and the future is in doubt.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic