Last Ship Off Polaris-G

by Carol Van Natta

A bureaucrat and an interstellar trader must overcome treachery and their broken past to save the last inhabitants of a dying planet.

Frontier planet Polaris-Gamma is dying from a suspiciously-timed blight. Worse, the system is now under military quarantine. The settlers must escape or perish. Caught behind the blockade, independent trader Gavril Danilovich finds his interstellar ship commandeered in the desperate plan to escape. He tells himself that’s the only reason he stays, and not because he’s worried about the woman he walked out on 2 years ago—who still lives on Pol-G. Bureaucrat Anitra Helden races to gather the last of Pol-G’s assets. Her plan to launch a mothballed freighter off Pol-G may be crazy—but it can work, if she can talk Gavril into helping. Their precious cargo? 4,000 stranded colonists. Can Anitra and Gavril, and their ragtag crew get past the deadly blockade?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera