Lake of Sins: Escape

by L. S. O’Dea

The howls of Guards on hunt shatter the air.

Trinity can’t let them catch her outside of the encampment or she and her family will be executed.

She has to hide but where? A splash draws her gaze and the river-man’s flipper slips under the water. Forest it is because there’s no way she’s going into the water.

She races into the woods. The calls of the Guards grow louder. They’re too close. She’ll never outrun them. She stops, raising her hands as she turns, but it’s not the Guards who have caught her.

A Tracker, the deadliest of predators, stands on its back two legs, towering above her. Brindle fur covers its body, and its eyes glow yellow in the shadowed forest. Its tongue lolls out the side of its mouth, exposing a row of sharp teeth on the other side.
She should scream but all she can think is someone should tell it that they no longer exist in the wild.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering