Knight’s Apprentice

by Catrina Taylor

Life altering reality, hidden in plain sight.

Ralph has a problem. The Grand Council of Atlantis, the council who rules the twelve hominid tribes, has chosen his apprentice for him. This unusual move has one obstacle. She doesn’t know what it means to be Atlantean.

Cerita Guzman is the oldest child in a struggling, single parent home. She doesn’t have time for world shattering reality to interfere with life.

James has lived among the homo-sapiens, on the surface, for most of his life. His training though, to serve his people in Atlantis. When Atlantis calls, he listens.

James must convince Cerita she is Atlantean.

Cerita’s forced to awaken the nanites within all Atlanteans when James puts her in danger. Through that process, she realizes she can’t command or control them and together they return to the master knight for training.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History