Knight in the Nighttime

by J.S. Morin

Kyrus dreams of being a knight. Fate has so much more planned for him.

As an apprentice scribe, Kyrus has always dreamed of becoming a master and opening his own shop.

Developing magical powers and becoming a wizard? Not so much.

After all, wizards are the stuff of his dreams. Dreams where Kyrus is Brannis Solaran, a powerful knight who wields an ancient sword crafted from the essence of magic and who’s responsible for defending a city from an army of goblins led by their fierce dragon goddess.

Kyrus’s dream world is a world of magic, mystery, and wonder. A place of goblins and their dragon gods. Of evil necromancers, immortal sorcerers, and deadly intrigue.

But when Kyrus attempts a spell learned in the dream world, he is shocked to find out that not only is magic real, but so is the other world!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic