by D. P. Woolliscroft

The King is Dead. Long Live the People!

The King and Queen are dead. Killed by the ancient wizard Jyuth, and now he has called an election for Lord Protector. Chance brings together Mareth, a washed-up bard, Neenahwi, the daughter of Jyuth, and Alana, a servant girl, during this time of political upheaval. Can they navigate assassins, monsters, pirates, demons, and the greed of a few, to help elect a protector for the good of all?

Become immersed in the city of Kingshold as the nation takes its first faltering steps to democracy.

“Enchanting, thrilling, and funny…a refreshing departure from most cookie-cutter fantasy realms… characters are fresh and intriguing, instantly memorable…you are going to love this book”

“For people who love that classic fantasy vibe but want something that diverges from the expected … a pretty fantastic read.”-thefantasyinn

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Category: Fantasy – Epic