Kingdom of Ice and Shadow

by Jill Cooper

Art, music, and imagination have been banished under the rule of the Dark Lord Creighton. One girl with the gift to read and use magic rises from the darkness to fight for those she loves and to restore color to the world again.

Against all hope, Tarnish Rose saves the books she finds, the ones that should’ve been long destroyed. With the ability to read and to love, she struggles to find the bravery to fight the dark lord. His death-dealing assassins strike rule-breakers quickly who fail to worship the dark lord.

Becoming the leader of a rebellion she didn’t know existed, she will free the creative remnants remaining in the world, go toe to toe against Nemesis, and fight a fire breathing dragon once known as muse.

If she wins, the Last Library will return along with color, music, and splendor to the world. And if she loses? Humanity may be scrubbed from the world forever.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery