Khon’Tor’s Wrath

by Leigh Roberts

A long time ago, faced with extinction, the Sasquatch interbred with the humans. The population re-built, living in hidden underground communities. The People live by a set of sacred laws which include; reverence for females, violence against each other prohibited, never taking a female without her consent, and the strict avoidance of Outsiders.
While the leader is away at a council meeting, the Healer Adia sets out to deliver a gift to the medicine woman of the neighboring tribe.
Along the way, the Healer stumbles across a horrific scene. An Outsider couple lies massacred. As she turns to go, she overhears a sound. Her heart sinks as she discovers an infant. Doomed to a slow or terrible death if she does not intervene. But not just an infant – an offspring of the heartless, Outsiders whom the Ancients predicted would harbor in the Wrak-Ayya: The Age of Shadows.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends