Keiretsu Heresy

by A.R. McNevin

“On the eve of the biggest merger in MegaCorp history, one of the most influential men in one of the merging companies goes missing. As the clock ticks ever closer to the hour of merging, it is up to a soldier from one company and a spy from the other to bring him home before someone else finds him and brings him to harm.”

The year is 2183 and the world is dominated by the MegaCorporations; seven massive, world-spanning businesses fighting for whatever there is to be claimed, controlled or co-opted. On the second day of September, two of these megacorporations plan to make history by amicably merging; a merger which will create the first GigaCorporation; an act which will send unprecedented ripples across the domains of politics, commerce and war.
The race is on to find Harrison Webb before one of his many enemies can hurt him or, more worryingly, hurt the prospective merger.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk