Keepers of Royal Blood Book I of Royal Blood, Dawn, and Thistle

by R. Walt Bailey

The first book in the double epic fantasy trilogy series, Royal Blood, Dawn, and Thistle, followed by The Weir-Gate Wars. All six novels available on Amazon.
“Lord of the Rings with a lot more romance.” “Wonderfully conceived.” “An epic adventure.”
Ten thousand years have passed since the last great war was fought between three sibling deities for dominion over the World of Rythmar. The good Lord Vanatee prevailed over his evil siblings but knew each had left talismans for their followers to help regain power in the coming years. Vanatee gave to each of his seven greatest captains a medallion to guard against the return of this evil. Now, ten millennia later, the descendants of these captains are being summoned together by the medallions they wear as war once again threatens the World of Rythmar.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic