by Michael Lasco

Ro McKinlay has lived on a Scottish island her entire young life. It’s a simple, uneventful life. Until the day a parcel arrives on her doorstep.

A parcel that wasn’t meant for her.

A parcel containing three exotic hatchlings…who soon display abilities Ro can only think of as supernatural.

Hatchlings that someone powerful and dangerous is willing to kill for.

Ro doesn’t want to use the d-word about these wee creatures (they can’t possibly be that!). But to protect her island from disaster—and to protect them—she’ll have to take them across Europe to their rightful custodian: the mysterious woman known only as The Keeper…

That’s if the people chasing them don’t kill her first.

File under: fire-breathing, invisibility, magic battles, secret societies, and yes the d-word (dragons!).

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban