Kazumi, Demon Spirit

by Jeff Pantanella

Kazumi Hime was born to slay demons, until the fateful day she became one.
Kazumi is young, impatient, and curses like a foul-mouthed sailor. But put a katana in her hands and she has no equal, or so she thinks. Denied by the High Priestess of the clan to complete her training and progress to the distinguished rank of the Night Blade, an elite group of female demon slayers, Kazumi sets off on her own to prove she’s ready.
But chance and fate have other plans for young Kazumi, flipping her world inside out when she becomes possessed by the one thing she has spent her life training to kill.
If you like well-developed characters navigating through “didn’t-see-that-coming” plot twists, bloodsuckers, and shifters, this book is for you.
Buy Kazumi, Demon Spirit now and enjoy Book One of The Night Blades Series, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Demon!” An anime and manga inspired action romp.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery