Kayla and the Magic Dog

by Dar Dowling

Kayla lives an ordinary life in a small town. That is, until she comes upon a magical dog in the woods and in that moment her life is changed forever. Upon returning home with her new furry friend, she discovers that her family is not what it seems, and that they are actually refugees from another planet, fighting for their freedom.

Her Aunt Morgan has been leading the charge to free her people. But when the war comes to their house on Earth they are forced to flee to their home planet. As Kayla and her family embark on their journey, Kayla encounters a series of exciting adventures and makes new friends along the way, including a shapeshifting boy, and a girl from another world.

Kayla and the Magic Dog is an enthralling tale of adventure, courage, and friendship that will captivate readers of all ages.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic