Kalendra Chronicles boxed set

by Barbara Ferrier

A girl born beneath three moons. A magical land under threat. Can she stop the end of everything?

Tahendra can’t let a puzzle go unsolved. So when the intuitive seventeen-year-old and her bestie find a mysterious journal floating in a closet, she’s determined to get answers from her pal’s estranged uncle. And after discovering the old man is a frequent traveler into another world, she enthusiastically leads her crew through a portal to a bewitched kingdom.

Meeting a powerful wizard who turns out to be her relative, Tahendra is astonished to learn she’s from the enchanted realm and has an important destiny. But no sooner have she and her friends begun enchantment/sorcery training than a poisonous assassination attempt leaves her life hanging by a thread.

Will Tahendra survive long enough to master her abilities and save an ancient magic?

Complete Series

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Category: Fantasy – Arthurian