Kalanon’s Rising

by Darian Smith

The last thing Brannon wants is more killing. For years he’s put the war behind him and worked hard to atone for his past. But when the king asks him to solve a royal murder and prevent another war he can hardly say no.
Trouble is he has to deal with an ancient mage who is less interested in helping than he is in hooking up, a socially awkward priest with a dangerous hobby, and an enemy ambassador who knows more than she should. Not to mention an apprentice he didn’t want.
With dark magic and darker conspiracies around every corner, who can he trust?
If Brannon can’t solve this mystery then Kalanon – and maybe the world – could be destroyed.

Previously $4.90

Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Starlight’s Children

by Darian Smith

Something is hunting children in the streets of Alapra.
Sir Brannon Kesh, once known as the Bloodhawk, is keen to affirm his new position as an investigator of unusual crimes but neither he or his team have ever seen a monster like this. Children are disappearing and their parents are being murdered, their hearts turned to glass. If Brannon can’t find and stop the culprit, all of Kalanon could be at risk.
The team’s poisons expert, Brother Taran is facing childhood issues of his own as the trauma from his past life returns to haunt him. Monsters come in many forms and Taran knows this better than most. No one truly escapes the Children of Starlight.

Previously $5.91