Kaine’s Sanction

by D.M. Pruden

When disgraced young officer Hayden Kaine is exiled to an outdated military starship stationed on the fringes of the galaxy, his biggest worry is how he can rescue his career. But after the vessel is trapped in a quarantined star system, survival becomes his only concern.

With the crippled ship hunted by a relentless enemy, Kaine unexpectedly finds himself thrust into the captain’s seat; a role for which he is not ready, and which most of the surviving crew do not accept.

While the enemy amasses an invasion force that will overwhelm the unsuspecting Confederation, Kaine must stave off a mutiny long enough to warn Earth of the danger. If he fails, the empire will fall and humanity will be doomed to extinction by a foe whose existence defies the laws of physics.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire