Jurassic Jail, The Time Wars Book 1

by William Alan Webb

Can you prosecute an ancient murder if the victim is still alive? Not if the killers get you first.

During a shady militia meeting in New Orleans, a famous scientist claims a bold discovery. The government mole in the group, known only as Gomorrah, knows he’s been tagged. He takes off with carloads of gunners on his tail.

Meanwhile, a partial skeleton turns up in a flooded Tennessee ditch, the bones brown and aged from long years buried. But something is very wrong with those bones. M.E. Sydney Hammick tries to interest D.A. Peter Dance in the mystery, but Dance now has a wife and kids and doesn’t want to play her games.

But someone nasty wants those bones, and he doesn’t care who he must kill to get them. When bullets fly, only Gomorrah can save Hammick and Dance from vanishing into the mists of time… or into the jaws of a long extinct killer.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel