Jubilee Year: A Science Fiction Thriller (Erelong Book 1)

by Gerard O’Neill

Bored with life as a farm hand, Storm accepts a request made by a local astronomer to be a messenger boy. Little does he know his world will be blown apart when he reaches his destination in the capital. Intercepted then befriended by a strange giant of a man ensconced under the nation’s government buildings, he is told the awful truth–the world has just months before it falls under the magnetic pull of the Dark Star, the invisible binary twin of the Sun.

Storm learns a resulting pole shift will change the face of the planet, but the Dark Star does not mean the end of all life on Earth. The powerful elites know this too and have already set into action plans to further their own ends.

Storm, his family, and his friends must negotiate the increasingly brutal security forces as well as teams of assassins acting for the elites. Survival is possible, so long as they fight…

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian