Juarez Square and Other Stories

by D.L. Young

From award-winning author D.L. Young, eleven gripping stories the San Francisco Review of Books calls, “…science fiction done right, style and substance in balance…Killer stuff.” The award-winning story The Reader, Training the Fundies, and the title work Juarez Square envision an anarchic, cutthroat existence along the US-Mexico border. Other tales explore the near-future impacts of advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, automated warfare, and genetic engineering. In Ximena, a defiantly unconventional woman opens a robot brothel in Madrid, and The Gianni Box tells the tale of a stolen artificial intelligence that becomes the hottest designer in the fashion world. From Albedo One Magazine’s review: “The writing is crisp and engaging…and from the first paragraph, the reader is drawn into these stories, each having a dystopic edge.”

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian