Journey for the Warren

by John Thornton

The world nearly ended in 2044. Less than thirty years later, the survivors on Earth launched seven great colony ships to seed humanity to other planets. Those ships were not heard from again. A century later, the only place people are known to survive on Earth is Dome 17. Beth and Allen live there. They are adventurers who have explored other domes, but everywhere else is dead. Is Done 17 just the last one to fail? The Committee has a risky plan to try two unproven technologies: a faster-than-light propulsion and teleportation. Both technologies have severe limits, but time is running out for Dome 17. While other two-person teams set out for the other lost colony ships, Beth and Allen agree to make a dangerous journey for the Colony Ship Warren. Will it be a found? Will it be a wrecked derelict? Or will it be a last chance for humanity? Join Beth and Allen on their journey for the Warren,

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure