Jim Able: Offworld, Episode 1

by Ed Charlton

To Do: Find alien, avoid starting war, submit expenses

Jim Able likes working offworld, especially since he doesn’t like his boss being constantly on his case. Not trusting Jim after an ill-fated mission, she gives him a new assignment with a warning, “Don’t start a war!”

Jim plunges into meeting an alien who doesn’t want to be found. He finds an ally in the Turcanian scientist, Madhar Nect, and she introduces him to the religious sect hiding his target.
Too intent on notching up a successful mission, Jim is one small lie away from starting the war he was warned to avoid.

Jim Able: Offworld is for readers who enjoy quirky aliens, flawed humans, and heroes who work in outer space but must still submit expense reports back at the office. Join the adventure of discovering new worlds and perspectives, first contacts, and unexpected encounters.

Episode #1 of 4.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera