Jigsaw: Beginnings

by David Alyn Gordon

They’re high school students off to Italy for a good time. Until they find themselves in the middle of World War Two trying to stop a Fascist plot that could change history. High school history buffs Noah Patterson and Mariah Fischer can’t wait to get to Italy. Their plan? To explore as much as they can and have loads of fun. What they face, however, is mind-blowing when they get shot at by the Italian Black Brigade. Running for their lives, they quickly realize that they’ve somehow been transported to Italy, circa 1943. But how? Humiliated by defeat and rescued by Hitler, Mussolini plans to win the war at all costs. Pushing forward relentlessly, he has a secret weapon: teleportation. But a failed experiment with the device draws Noah and Mariah back in time. Now they must find a way to stop Mussolini’s “New Roman Empire” and return to the present they know—if it’s still there.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel