Jewel of the Alien Bandit

by Sky Robert

“Awesome start to an amazing alien world! Luan and Vareo have different objectives but find themselves intensely connected as they fight for their lives. She is a future leader of her planet and he is the last of his species. Together they are insatiably voracious for each other.
Sky has written a gorgeous story full of intriguing characters and a beautiful, deadly, and otherworldly setting. The dialogue is very interesting and well written. Cultural differences are explained with attention to detail. The couple faces huge obstacles but their commitment to each other is strong. Loved this and looking forward to the next book!!.” – Amazon Reviewer

A sci-fi fated-mates alien romance, first of the Treasures of Trillume series. This steamy, page-turning, romance between an outlaw alien and the strong female ruler that wants him, will have you devouring every morsel towards their HEAFN

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure