Jeremy Kline and the Invisible Village

by Ray Wenck

It was Jeremy’s birthday. A peaceful dinner with his daughter and grandkids. Then came the girl he almost hit with his car, the horrid creature hovering over him, and the discovery of magical creatures.
Who knew a birthday could be so dangerous?
Jeremy is pulled into a world of magic and mythical creatures he only thought existed in books and movies. The young girl he almost ran over, Daria, is part of a group sent into this world to escape death from those hunting them in their world.
However, when a murderous team of evil creatures discovers where they are Jeremy is caught in the middle and must flee for his life. Somehow, he has to extricate himself from the danger but does not want to leave Daria unprotected. Together they must find a way to survive and save them all before they become victims of a war from another world.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Jeremy Kline and the Lost Tribe

by Ray Wenck

A portal to another world. Magical beings. Dangerous creatures. A mysterious lady in white. Jeremy has no idea what he got himself into.
Lord Bradenbaugh, a powerful wizard from another dimension, thinks Jeremy the key to releasing the evil dark lord mage and has sent creatures to capture him. Jeremy’s only hope of defending himself is his two new roommates who profess to be wizards themselves, but can he trust them? He is sure they have an agenda of their own, one of which he has no interest in being entangled in.

Caught between two worlds and two opposing forces, Jeremy must find a way to extricate himself from the equation before he is sacrificed to an evil God he has never heard of.

Previously $3.99