Jace Mitchell & Michael Anderle Complete Library: Two complete series

by Jace Mitchell

Do you like fantasy? Do you like urban fantasy? If your answer was “YES!” to both of those questions, the Jace Mitchell & Michael Anderle Complete Library set is for you!

Get to know Claire and Riley respectively in the Paranormal University series and the Hand of Justice Series. They are heroes you can cheer for and the action never stops!

Paranormal University:
At the University of Paranormal Studies, class is starting.

Claire just received her letter of acceptance despite the fact that she didn’t apply. Why does the university want her?

Because ghosts, vampires, werewolves, elves, dragons… and many of them want to kill us.

Claire’s a soldier in this new war. Can she and her classmates prevent the world from turning to ash?

Hand of Justice:
She swore to protect her kingdom…

And he swore to destroy it.

Can Riley vanquish the dark mage and his legion?

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College