Jabberwock’s Curse

by R.V. Bowman

An outlaw dragon, a clever curse, and a murderous Queen weren’t what Alice had in mind for her future. She has never felt worthy of being a Cavendish. Ten years after being lifted from the slums and adopted into London’s aristocracy, she’s still struggling to navigate high society without embarrassing her family. A feat that is easier said than done, when it comes to tea parties and the advances of the pompous Hadley Beechworth. Just when a new life is on the horizon, a snarky cat on a mission hijacks Alice’s plans and sends her head-first into Wonderland. There, she’s tasked with freeing the fire-breathing Jabberwock in exchange for her ticket home. But when Alice’s path takes her all the way to the palace, she discovers the beautiful Red Queen’s tragic past hides a darker secret. Can Alice restore the crown to its rightful heir without losing her head — or her heart?

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales