Isle of Wings

by E.A. Burnett

The Isle of Wings was once nurtured by the weather-controlling power of the Rain Mage. Now the Rain Mage is dead, and a mysterious drought takes over. An ambitious sorceress controls all who come and go.

Blamed for the death of her Rain Mage father, and trapped by her own grief, Roana wants nothing more than to escape the Isle of Wings. The sorceress stops her from leaving, and when Roana finds a precious egg the sorceress stole, rescuing it becomes her priority. Roana must depend on the telepathic abilities of an annoyingly handsome sailor to help her evade the sorceress’ wrath, since she possesses no magic of her own—that she’s willing to accept.

But it soon becomes clear that the sorceress wants far more than the egg, and Roana must choose whether to leave the islanders to the sorceress’s mercy, or save them—and be bound to the island forever.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College