Island Refuge EMP: The Complete Series

by Grace Hamilton

Elna Pasqualee’s plans to bring her family’s California island vineyard into the twenty-first century are dashed with the EMP strike. Broadcasts offer only a brief warning for the Pasqualees and their guests before missiles wipe out all power and communications across North America. Cut off from the mainland, Elna struggles to secure a reliable fresh water source for the island’s inhabitants in this terrifying new reality.

But they soon discover those on the mainland are facing dangerous trouble of their own.

Even with distressing deprivation, remaining trapped on the island becomes a blessing in disguise when Elna’s ex-boyfriend raises a vicious paramilitary horde determined to cross the shark-infested channel and conquer the island vineyard for its bounty.

But if the island falls into the wrong hands, the secrets it holds will be destroyed—spelling the end for America.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic