Invisible Enemy

by Ken Britz

She’s on a secret mission. But keeping her cover could get her spaceship blown apart.

Captain Karine Kenga’s ailing body is on the brink of surrender. But the subspaceship commander knows the terrifying fallout of civil war outranks her own fight for survival. So when she receives a top-secret mission to protect the enemy’s orbital shipyard from her own officers, Kenga will stop at nothing to sabotage the attack.

Battling both her crew and the scrappy defenses, Kenga plots a dizzying, interdimensional path to her goal. And though deceiving her own men feels like betrayal, she must outwit both sides to preserve an asset more important than either can imagine. But to deliver it, she’ll need to outlive the skirmish…

Can Captain Kenga complete her covert op and prevent an even greater threat to humanity?

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Military