by Jerry Shepard

The dreadnought had seen better days…
…but now it was his ship.
Will the disgraced former Admiral earn the trust of his crew?

Known for being a tactical genius, Captain Jameson has been given a less than exciting mission. Go investigate the anomaly. Deep in an unchartered section of space, the UAF Titan must find the source of a mysterious signal.

He hates the mission.

Babysitting scientists in the middle of nowhere makes him crazy.

When they find the artifact, everything changes.

A semi-globe, opaque, and glowing, Jameson’s crew makes a single mistake and they are soon in over their heads.

Have they just started a war?

Will the ship hold together?

What’s his next move?

You’ll love this first book in this exciting new series, because finding the artifact was only the beginning.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military