INVADERS Target Earth

by Hammer Trollkin

We saw the demons coming. That technological SuperEvolution we had embraced blasted-off when super computers gave way to quantum computers. As expected, the militaries of the world were at the forefront of the tech explosion.
The Evil MONSTERS! They came to colonize Venus. It was just like home for them. We could have lived with that. Then they figured out EARTH could be turned into an INFERNO just like Venus! Too bad for us. True, they would probably have wiped us out anyway. The evil ones love their fiery sport. But we are an amazing people, well-practiced in the art of war. Join Jacks, Molly, and the rest of the team as the Hotshots use their variety of skills to extinguish the fire that threatens us all. Expect an action-packed adventure with plenty of surprises.
Our defense forces groaned, “If only we had a couple more years.” That tech SuperEvolution would have saved us.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion