Intrusion Protocol

by B.R. Keid

When the raiders came, they ravaged the planetary colonies the descendants of Dead Earth call home, leaving only orphans and widows behind.

Kerry Sevvers is an elite combat programmer, the best in the Division. As a specialist aboard the autonomous warship the Alexander Lehman, he and his squad of AI wage a relentless personal war against the aliens that destroyed his home.

When a Marine officer and Colonial Intelligence agent recruit him for a clandestine rescue mission, he volunteers despite the risks, ready to take the fight deep into hostile territory. Desperate to learn the fate of his mother taken from him when he was young.

But there is more to this mission. Secrets that threaten not just their success, but their very survival. Things far deadlier than raiders. Lucky for them, Sev has a few secrets of his own.

Lock and code! The future of Colonial Defense is automated.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military