Into Twilight

by P R Adams

Double-crossed and abandoned behind enemy lines. It’s an agent’s worst nightmare.

In the 22nd Century, Stefan Mendoza is a loyal operator for the Agency, an organization that does the United States’ dirty work. Extraction, systems hacking, assassination—allies and enemies, he never questions the mission. That all changes when a mission in Korea goes bad. Left for dead by his handler, Stefan is captured by a mysterious group. His conditioning prevents him from breaking under torture, even if he wants to, and he refuses to die. Through it all, he has only one wish: revenge against the agent who double-crossed him.

But when he escapes, Stefan’s only hope for revenge means taking on an unimaginable mission: assassinating a presidential candidate.

Pick up your copy of the first Stefan Mendoza cyberpunk thriller, and follow him Into Twilight.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk