Inhuman Pressure

by Richard Rimington

Cybernetic elder beings control the stars. Haunted wilderness planets offer no safety.

An anthology of nine short stories of interplanetary conspiracy and catastrophe.

The limits of the human condition are tested as ordinary people face conquest and revenge.

Cyberpunk and space opera combine in these dystopian far future adventures. A trail of forgotten lives will have vast consequences for all civilization.

Inhuman Pressure is the first book in the Infinite Void series.

Suspense and danger await in each thrilling encounter. Many brave souls will fail. A precious few will achieve rapture. All will see the wonders and terrors brought by mankind’s transformation.

The next stage of human evolution faces chaos.

“Won’t disappoint fans of sci-fi / dystopian fiction!” Kate B., Red Adept Editing

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera